On Labelling Extremists and Terrorists

The Press calls it white supremacy. The real name, however, is Caucasian Extremism and, when it involves violence, it is Caucasian Terrorism. Those who hold those extremist delusions must be called Caucasian Extremists, and pointedly called Caucasian Terrorists when they express those views in violence. They may also be called Caucasian Christian Extremists, depending on the use of their deluded conception of Christianity as a justification for their extremism and terrorism. Just as Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others (all of whom chided President Obama for not using those terms) describe terrorists who are Muslims using Islam to justify their terrorism as Islamic Terrorists, we must also describe those Caucasian Christians who use violence to express their delusions as Caucasian Christian Terrorists.

We are just too nice to Caucasian Terrorists. Even the Press got suckered into now calling them “Alt-Right.” Nonsense! These are deluded extremists and terrorists. We need to stop “normalizing” the terrorist delusions and acts of these common terrorists by describing their actions as the so-called “white supremacy,” which they use to connote “normal” supremacy. Whereas, even “supremacy” itself is a terrorist term, based upon years of history of terrorism against a range of victims, despite propagandizing such terrorism as based on “normal” superior qualities, instead of roguery and inhuman and ungodly animalism: African slaves, Jewish slaves, Jewish victims of Nazism, Asians, Middle Easterners, African victims of colonialism, South American victims of colonialism and slavery, the Australian Aborigines, and, of course, the Native Americans. These were all victims of Caucasian Christian Extremism and Terrorism as in Christian jihad, not the so-called supremacy or the nonsensical “alt-right.”

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